Organic Traditional Paddy cultivation program

LOAM is implementing organic traditional Paddy Cultivation program at Mahaoya Provincial Agricultural Division in Ampara district, Bibile and Thanamalvila Provincial Agricultural Division in Monaragala district and Hambantota Provincial Agriculture Division in Hambantota District with collaboration of relevant provincial agriculture department with financial assistance of Agronautern in Germen in 2022/2023 Maha Season

At first, LOAM Conducted training Programs for Officers of Provincial Agriculture Departments as well as lead farmers on Basic principle of Organic farming, practical experience on organic farming including organic traditional Paddy cultivation, preparation of liquid fertilizers and organic certification

Then farmers were trained on organic farming including preparation of different type of liquid fertilizer by LOAM trained agriculture instructors attached to the provincial agriculture department and LOAM staff members

Traditional seeds Paddy was distributed among farmers in at Mahaoya Provincial Agricultural Division in Ampara district with assistance of Eastern Province agriculture department for 324 farmers for 324 Ac. Variety of traditional paddy distributed in this area were Suwedel and Kuruluthuda 

Madatawalu, Pachchaperumal, Kurulududa , Kaluheenati, Gonabaru, Suwedel , Ran Thebiliel and Kahamala  which are traditional Paddy verities were distributed among 194 farmers in Bibile  Provincial Agricultural Division in Monaragala for 120 Ac

In addition, Pachchaperumal , Suwedel , and Madathawalu which are traditional paddy verities were distributed among 27 Famers to cultivate 28.3 in Ac

Traditional Paddy verities which were Pokkali and Pachchaperumal were distributed among 16 armers to cultivate in 21 AC in Hambantota Provincial Agriculture Division in Hambantota District

Most of the farmers prepared compost and different types of liquid fertilizer by themself and applied for organic traditional Paddy cultivation and as well as for other crops.

It has been observed that most of the other conventional paddy cultivated lands were infected by nematode attacks and these paddy fields were became yellowish color while traditional organic paddy cultivated lands were not infected by nematode attacks

Presently organic traditional Paddy cultivations are being harvested and many farmers experienced very less cost of production even though yield is less in traditional organic Paddy cultivation compare to conventional Paddy cultivation finally make profit from traditional organic traditional Paddy cultivation while convention Paddy cultivated farmers end up with losses from conventional  Paddy cultivation.

Most of the traditional Paddy cultivations were very successful and these cultivations were visited regularly by Agriculture instructors as well as extension officer attached to the LOAM

This program supported by Agronauten Germany and SCHOCK Family Foundation