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Research and Publications

  • [PDF] Experience in organic Agriculture Project Implementation By Dr Wijewardena
  • [PDF] Organic grown rice in the LCWZ by Dr. K. Kahandawela
  • [PDF] Organic vegetable production by – Dr. Lathiff
  • [PDF] Organic manure for coconut by Dr. A Thennakoon
  • [PDF] Potential realities of organic spice and beverage crop production – Dr. A. P. Heenkenda
  • [PDF] Disease Management in organic Agricutlure by Dr. Rajapakse
  • [PDF] Maketing of organic products sector Situation by Mr T Kariyawasam
  • [PDF] Certification in organic products by Dr.Ranil Senanayake
  • [PDF] Experience in Organic Agriculture 2 by Mr. A. Priyantha

Organic Agriculture related reports

  • [PDF]  Joint Statement Rebutting Distorted Media Lies About Sri Lanka’s Organic Pathway
  • [PDF] Crop Producers Guide
  • [PDF] Fertilizer usage
  • [PDF] ifoam norms version august 2012
  • [PDF] Nitriogen avalability from liquied organic fertlizer

LOAM Reports

  • [PDF] LOAM market analysis
  • [PDF] Current Food Crisis in Sri Lanka LOAM 2022.11.16 new update

LOAM Organic Leaflet

  • [PDF] ගැඩවිලුන් මගින් පොහොර නිෂ්පාදනය
  • [PDF] ජීව අඟුරු
  • [PDF] දියර පොහොර භාවිත කරන ආකාර
  • [PDF] පංචකාව්
  • [PDF] වගාවට ජීවයක් ගෙනෙන ජීවාමෘත – updated
  • [PDF] Fish Tonic
  • [PDF] Main and other Nutriant name


  • [PDF] Organic Guarantee Systems 2019 02 for Sri Lanka-compressed
  • [PDF] Organic in EU
  • [PDF] Position group certification
  • [PDF] Training Manual – Organic Agriculture In The Tropics
  • [PDF] Annualreport 2018
  • [PDF] gaod book 1
  • [PDF] gaod book 2
  • [PDF] gaod book 3
  • [PDF] gaod book 4
  • [PDF] gaod book 5

Govenment Regulation and Standards

Sri Lankan – National Organic Control Unit Gazzete
President Hon. Gotabaya Rajapaksha – Green Economic Proposals- LOAM and World Organic Community responces

Gazzte on Organic Transition of the Country

1st Gazzette

2nd Gazzette

3rd Gazzette

IFOAM and Other International Bodies response on that

Govenment Publication and Reports on Organic

Organic Basics

Guidelines on Practical Aspects ofBiochar Application to Field Soil inVarious Soil Management Systems

Infographic Resources

Organic Composting

Organic Agro Around the Country