Sri Lanka – Failed biotransition leads to cold turkey

In April 2021, the government of Sri Lanka decides to become an “Organic State” overnight. The plan is not well thought out, but driven by increasing costs for agrochemicals – and it failed. Today, the organic-transition is more necessary than ever.

You can now listen to the discussion between LOAM Chairman Thilak Kariyawasam and LOAM Special Project Director Mr. Ajantha Palihavadana with journalists Nickoleit and Katharina on the German deutschlandfunk website about the recent organic program in Sri Lanka and its final result.

Sri Lanka, here in the picture: the small town of Ella and its tea plantations. The region has a high level of biodiversity. The compulsion to produce organically, which came as a complete surprise to many farmers, caused yields to dwindle and led to unrest. (Imago / Panthermedia / ksl-foto)

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