PGS National Program

Participatory Guarantee System is the system where we can link local marketing system, as farmers and consumers mutually understand to do direct marketing. This system, what LOAM last 10 years trying to promote and implement with many ways. Thanks to the Indian PGS Council for doing different support and training of our people as capacity building support.

But it is very hard that with self-claim and mis used groups, who try to do wrongly and use PGS as their versions.

We are all ways trying with establishing link with government and other stakeholders. Most of the time it has been not understand properly by Authorities

Here is our focus to establish such system

  • Reduce bureaucracy in the organic guarantee process.
  • Promote equity and fairness throughout the production chain
  • Promote consumer access to organic products.
  • Support the transformation of current food systems by building alternative food networks, especially at local level.
  • Contribute to enhancing food sovereignty by creating ownerships of production

standards and certification among PGS members.

  • Pursue a continuous improvement of practices enhanced by knowledge exchange.
  • Foster community values and support the potential for community development through organic agriculture and participatory governance.

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