Food Systems Pavilion @ COP28

FSP Thematic Day focus: Regenerative Agriculture & Agroecology

Session 4: People & places: agroecology and regenerative approaches from the ground up

Date : 2nd of December (Today)

Time: 15:30-16:30

Join us for an inspiring session as we delve into the world of regenerative agriculture with landscape leaders at the heart of transformation. Through captivating case studies and compelling storytelling, we’ll explore the power of regional approaches in achieving sustainable food systems.

Explore how regenerative practices empower local communities, fostering economic independence and environmental stewardship. Learn from farmers who have harnessed local value chains, achieving economic growth and resilience. These are firsthand stories of those who have embraced regenerative methods, proving their feasibility and rewards.

Key topics/messages:

● Embracing regenerative and agroecological food systems has the potential to drive profound transformation across landscapes, benefiting local communities, livelihoods, and the environment.

● Real-world successes across regions validate the feasibility and rewards of regenerative approaches, emphasizing their practicality.

● Landscape leaders and Indigenous peoples, as stewards of the land, possess the knowledge and skills needed for a regenerative transition. Policy and financing support are essential to empower them in this transformative journey.


– Monicah Yator, Indigenous Women and Girls Initiative, Kenya

– Kariyawasam Majuwana Gamage Thilak, Loam / FIAN Sri Lanka

– Simon Kraemer, NABU Germany and European Alliance for Regenerative Agriculture

– Esther Banzuela, Asian Farmers Association, Philippines

– Michael Taylor, Taylor’s Run, Australia (confirmed)

– Karina David, Rede Ecovida De Agroecologia, Brazil

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