lanka Organic Agriculture Movement addresses COP28 – UAE

Lanka Organic Agriculture Movement president Mr. Thilak Kariyawasam attended the COP28 – UAE international conference held last November and participated in several special events.

Accordingly, he participated in the following forums and expressed his views successfully.

1- Soil carbon and small holder possibilities, maximizing community driven solutions and minimizing damage

2 – People & Places: agroecology and regenerative approaches from the ground up

3 – Harvesting Solutions: Cultivating a Sustainable Future through Methane Reduction in the Agrifood Sector

4 – Rising to the Challenge: Bridging Water and Food Policies, Practices and Financing for Sustainable Food System Transformation

5 – Climate Action in Times of Debt Crisis: Options for Developing and Emerging Countries

6 – Carbon options & Small holder possibilities

7 – Climate Justice Forum Perspectives from the Global South

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